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stone cold stone cold

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really inspirational art.

You'll probably think I'm lame for this, but I wrote a poem to accompany this art like 5 minutes ago (I added sort of my own storyline)


Shining eyes and figure masks form her assembly.
Videos and pictures fabricate a memory.
Spoiled skin and pampered hair make well to see her through.
Prominence and spitefulness come under closer view.

Admiration, adoration utter longing cries.
Parasitic love will soon become her bright demise.
Bleating yells and flashing lights push sweetly and exhort.
Crimson paths made red with fame effectively escort.

Stunning looks and sharp renown promote insanity,
Victimized by jealousy and shunned by vanity.
A passionate, demented fan draws fast a firearm.
Bullets pierce the flawless skin and do a goddess harm.

Eminence draws bleeding hearts to rush to her distress.
Puddles of her famous blood stain darkness in her dress.
Amidst the loud and bleating wails, their decencyĆ¢EUTMs defied.
Tears and chalk will mark the spot a deity had died.

All of them had trust in her infallibility.
Now they mourn, she rests in peace in new tranquility.
So idolize celebrities and mindlessly applaud.
No amount of worship renders any man a god.

well, that's my poetic interpretation. keep up the good work.

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