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screw X-box

Great video, great console choice.

a disappointment

Good animation by most, nice animation, and a few good jokes here and there, but overall it was a disappointment.

For one thing, the jokes weren't funny. Most of them were eithere inside jokes or just too sick and sexual to be funny (like the last one). And even more of the jokes were just stupid, immature things that made fun of random crap using a Street Fighter format. This was far cry from most spoof movies which are supposed to take certain things in the game and make fun of them.

I actually will be hoping for a sequel, despite my review. But I hope you will notice my review and make improvements


This had to be one of the most friggin true and hilarious videos I've seen on newgrounds in a while. The voices had a good effect on the comedy too.

I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one who noticed the movie's many flaws.

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Whatever you do, don't click mute. The game doesn't like it.

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I was truly impressed. Giving the tools at your disposal, you made a very impressive, potentially cost-worthy app that I actually enjoyed using rather than simply testing. Also, considering the sheer amount of what this app is constantly doing, it had an astoundingly low amount of lag considering the old computer I'm on. good job.

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This is a nice concept, but it could've been done better. The distances between platforms made it frustrating (the game wasn't necessarily exciting enough to keep you going through that frustration), at most (if not all) parts of the game, there are just enough pixels to evolve, which gets annoying, and through half the game, I was thinking "If only I could evolve. Then I could get enough pixels to evolve."

I suggest a sequel in which you address these problems.

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very good

this is really nice. I've never heard the original, but this song sounds great all the same.

this might sound weird but...

I didn't really like it all that much (mainly because I was looking for drum n bass and I found this, which isn't drum n bass), but it's actually a very good song. I just think it's a bit repetitive for its length. It sounds like it should just be a loop.

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This wasn't bad at first, but I simply wasn't feeling the steel drum tangent at the end. I don't feel like it fit with what you were trying to do. But hey, only you know what you were trying to do.

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really inspirational art.

You'll probably think I'm lame for this, but I wrote a poem to accompany this art like 5 minutes ago (I added sort of my own storyline)


Shining eyes and figure masks form her assembly.
Videos and pictures fabricate a memory.
Spoiled skin and pampered hair make well to see her through.
Prominence and spitefulness come under closer view.

Admiration, adoration utter longing cries.
Parasitic love will soon become her bright demise.
Bleating yells and flashing lights push sweetly and exhort.
Crimson paths made red with fame effectively escort.

Stunning looks and sharp renown promote insanity,
Victimized by jealousy and shunned by vanity.
A passionate, demented fan draws fast a firearm.
Bullets pierce the flawless skin and do a goddess harm.

Eminence draws bleeding hearts to rush to her distress.
Puddles of her famous blood stain darkness in her dress.
Amidst the loud and bleating wails, their decencyĆ¢EUTMs defied.
Tears and chalk will mark the spot a deity had died.

All of them had trust in her infallibility.
Now they mourn, she rests in peace in new tranquility.
So idolize celebrities and mindlessly applaud.
No amount of worship renders any man a god.

well, that's my poetic interpretation. keep up the good work.

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